Bella Marrin

is an artist, writer and editor living in London. She works collaboratively with individuals and organisations to develop publications, workshops and events promoting experimental and interdisciplinary approaches to creative practice with a focus on formal innovation at the intersection of art and writing. Her visual work is analogue and lens-based. Her research interests include site writing, metafiction and mythopoesis.


  • Editor-in-chief of Fieldnotes
  • Broadcasting monthly with Resonance 104.4FM
  • Teaching (occasional) art writing & ‘publishing as practice’ at the School of Art and Design UWE, Chelsea College, University of the Arts London and elsewhere
  • Freelance workshop delivery, writing, editing and proofreading


    The fifth issue of FIELDNOTES contains new writing and artwork from Anne Carson, Joe Clark, Elijah Jackson, Manuela De Laborde Noguez, Jonas Eika, Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg, Ocean Vuong, Vanessa Billy, D.S. Marriott, Stephen Emmerson, Kidist Amberber, Robert Beavers, Natasha Cox, Gregory J. Markopoulos, Chris Kraus, Emmett Lewis, Tava Tedesco, Flo Ray, Imane Boukaila, Chris Martin, Adam Wolfond and Rasha Abdulhadi. Funded by Arts Council England.



    A programme of online sessions aimed at emerging writers and artists, structured around communal reading and writing, geared towards the creation and cultivation of new text-based works. The Evening School engaged with a variety of works across genres and forms as a means of uncovering and unsettling intimacies and potencies within textual matter. With a focus on poetic experimentation, sessions involved collective and independent exercises, polyphonic readings and open discussion, with the purpose of generating new approaches and fostering future collaborations. The programme followed a discursive and non-hierarchical learning model with participants actively involved in shaping its format and structure.


    Radio Programming

    A radio series broadcast monthly on Resonance 104.4FM, co-commissioned by FIELDNOTES and Cement Fields, funded by Arts Council England. SONIC COMMONS explored the phonic substance that exists between things, shared commotions and resonances, collective and collaborative ways of making. Resulting soundworks were composed by Rob Shuttleworth, the series was researched and developed by Bella Marrin assisted by Gina Prat Lilly, produced by James Elsey and presented by Katie Lane.


    Workshop series

    A residential workshop focused on process and poetics to mark the pagan festival of Saturnalia. A collective session exploring rhythm and ritual in writing, starting with the calendar as an organising principle and deploying different units of measure as structures to write with/in. Including a discussion of works by theorists and poets such as Giorgio Agamben, Lauren Berlant, CAConrad and Bernadette Mayer.



    A night of experimental film at The Cube cinema in Bristol, curated by Natasha Cox and Bella Marrin (FIELDNOTES). Breaking Open brings together three works which invite the viewer into intimate encounters with internal worlds, the screen becomes a skin which is touched, is touching. The audience becomes a co-conspirator, complicit in the construction of these spaces and presences which are arranged between the real and the imagined. Like three islands these filmic landscapes are connected underneath.


    Workshop series

    A public workshop series developed in partnership with METAL Culture and Cement Fields exploring place-making poetics across coastal and riverside spaces in the South East of England, investigating the tensions underlying shifting landscapes, intertidal zones, living systems and anonymised processes of de/composition. Part of the FIELDNOTES public programme funded by Arts Council England.

  • Machinic Writing

    Workshop series Teaching

    A workshop series developed for participants on Freelands Artist Development Programme 2023 and for students in the Department of Kinetic Imaging, VCU School of the Arts. The series involves experimenting with different forms of collective writing to explore the idea of machinic writing: using systems, schemas, modelling and mechanisms to cumulatively create metafictions and poetic responses.



    The fifth issue of FIELDNOTES contains new writing and artwork from Josephine Pryde, Fred Moten, Ren Ebel, Colectivo Los Ingrávidos & Fionn Petch, Marie NDiaye & Jordan Stump, Dana Ranga & Christina Hennemann, Sirkhane Darkroom, Lauren de Sá Naylor, Eileen Myles, Markéta Fagan, Sam Cottington, Margaret Tait, Luke Fowler, Sarah Neely & Peter Todd, Mary Ruefle, John Smith, ‘Hal Washington’, Dabin Kim, Alex Aspden and Philip Ewe. Funded by Arts Council England & Cockayne Grants for the Arts.

  • Against Writing

    Workshop series

    A performative and practical writing workshop series commissioned by Somerset House Studios as part of their Artist Development Programme, these sessions aim to discuss and differentiate poetics and precision from flattened, institutionalised artspeak, in the interest of creating purposeful writing that retains meaning and relevance.

  • The Sensuous Grid

    Film Research

    The Sensuous Grid is a short 16 mm film currently in production, it is a response to the research project ‘Infrastructural Narratives’ led by researchers at Queen Mary University of London and Fudan University, Shanghai, funded by the British Academy

  • Fieldnotes Issue 4


    The fourth issue of Fieldnotes contains new writing and artwork from Adeola Titiloye, ajw, Fanny Howe, Will Alexander, Michael O’Mahony, Agnieszka Szczotka, Renee Gladman & Isabel Mallet, Can Xue, Karen Gernant & Chen Zeping, Tony Brooks, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Mat Jenner, Alba Schloessingk, Camille Roy, Pete Segall, Johanna Hedva, Beihua Guo, Cedar Sigo and KP Culver. Funded by Arts Council England.

  • Zoning

    Workshop series Teaching

    An eight-month programme of site-specific workshops exploring techniques of place-based writing. Part of the Fieldnotes public programme, co-facilitated by Elaine Tam, funded by Arts Council England & The Paul Mellon Centre, hosted by South London Gallery, Pushkin House, Whitechapel Gallery, Open House Festival and Thamesmead Arts & Culture Office.

  • The Dominant Animal


    A screening event exploring the relationships between species viewed through the prisms of domination and desire. Including works that connect violence, landscape and care; merging documentary and fictional modes to produce strange new intimacies.

  • Eye Marks

    Film Research

    Collaboration with Bakersfield research platform (artists Emma Kemp and Matthew Altman) funded by X-TRA, a filmic survey of the landscape of Dungeness and the church of St Clement’s on Romney Marshes in 16 mm. Footage was presented at Night Gallery and François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles in September 2021.

  • Slow Compression


    A live performance event bringing together works dealing with the distortion of language, image and sound as they pass through different systems of translation: encoding, compressing, exporting, transporting, transpiling, indices, ciphers and codecs. Funded by Arts Council England.

  • Fieldnotes Issue 3


    The third issue of Fieldnotes contains new writing and artwork from CAConrad & George Finlay Ramsay, Charlie Hawksfield, Yvonne, Angus McCrum, Peter Gizzi, McKenzie Wark, Kate Paul, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Georges Bataille & Rachelle Rahmé, Declan Wiffen, Rosa Barba, Travis Jeppesen, Robert Glück & Arnold J Kemp, Cecilia Pavón & Jacob Steinberg, George Lynch and Yuhan Shen. Funded by Arts Council England.



    A short programme of screenings and performances to celebrate the publication of Fieldnotes Issue 2. The evening will involve films and performances sharing the themes of ecological anxiety and analogue dissonance. Including performances and contributions from Ana Vaz, Keira Greene, Zara Joan Miller and Ute Kanngeisser.

  • Fieldnotes Issue 2


    The second issue of Fieldnotes contains new work by: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Steve Dutton, Liesl Ujvary, Akio Yuguchi, Evan Lavender-Smith, Dodie Bellamy, Paul Maheke & Giles Bailey, Yan Jun, Emily Charlton, Ed Atkins, Sam Buchan-Watts, Elizabeth Price, Mary Mussman, Carolyn Ferrucci, Hanne Lippard, Charlie Godet Thomas, Hannah Regel. Funded by Arts Council England.

  • Fieldnotes Issue 1


    The first issue of Fieldnotes contains new work by: Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart, Wytske van Keulen, Zara Joan Miller, Estelle Hoy, Rob Halpern, Ana Vaz & Ben Rivers, Matthias Connor, Wythe Marschall, Sarah Mangold, Patrick Keiller, Helen Marten, Lulu Wolf, Emily Hunt Kivel, Amparo Dávila trans. Audrey Harris & Matthew Gleeson, Ulrike Almut Sandig trans. Karen Leeder, Malcolm Bradley & Juliette Pépin, David Manley, Eloise Lawson. Funded by Arts Council England.

  • Bunker

    Exhibition Publication

    A vitrine exhibition of drawings and collages displayed at the artist-run 4M2 Gallery in Paris. This work later became a text of the same name which was published online (2020) by FormIV and in print (2022) in Subtexts, an anthology of geopoetic & sublithic works published by the Geopoetics Research Group, funded by Goldsmiths College.

  • Slow Motion

    Exhibition Publication Residency

    An artistic residency (2013) at La Fragua in Andalusia, Spain, led to an installation (2014) in the exhibition space of the Convento de Santa Clara in Belalcazar.



    A monthly interview series exploring experimental and hybrid uses of sound and noise in creative practice. Episodes inclued: meeting curator Mark Beasley / meeting Nicholas Bullen of Napalm Death / meeting artist Guy Gormley / meeting filmmaker Beatrice Gibson / meeting musician Luke Younger. In partnership with The White Review.



    A broadcast series exploring ideas of place and non-place, broadcasting new soundworks, spoken word and interviews. Episodes: ‘Landscaping’ with Patrick Keiller, Tacita Dean & Matthew Gregory; ‘Material futures’ with Luke Fowler, Ed Atkins, Mark Fisher & Richard Sides; ‘Flat time’ with the John Latham archive & Stuart Whipps; ‘States of place’ with Chris Petit, Patrick Langley & Steve Roden. In partnership with The White Review.

  • Aelion Sounds


    Aelion Sounds was a programme of events, radio broadcasts, interventions and performances involving artists, musicians and writers which took place at Offshore Pavilion, a temporary structure erected in Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre. Supported by Art Licks.

  • Cine España


    The Cine España film programme took place in a disused cinema in the small rural town of Frailes in Southern Spain. The cinema was opened to the public for the first time in fifty years for a series of events, readings and screenings.

  • Farringdon Factory


    Farringdon Factory occupied a seven-story office building in the City of London transforming it into an open studio complex hosting a programme of live events, screenings, installations, performances and talks. The building became the site of a residency programme and cinema space, encouraging open discussion and experimental interventions. Curated by Natasha Cox and Keira Greene of Offshore Projects.